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A History of The Rosemary House

Where we started....


L.N. Womble, Pittsboro, and The Rosemary House

 Way back when,

sometime around 1912,

an eager young Pittsboro entrepreneur

named  L.N. Womble had achieved his dreams of

real estate development, having dotted the

downtown landscape with buildings,

business opportunities, and even a drug store - 

S&T's Soda Shoppe , which served as a hot spot

for date nights, after school treats, and

business lunches. 

(By the way - it's still standing today - check it out!)


Deciding it was time to celebrate his successes as

a local developer and businessman,

Womble built an impressive Colonial Revival mansion

at the current76 West Street and filled it with 

wafting pipe smoke, hearty laughter, and clinking glasses,

heard at his festive gatherings of friends and business partners.

After L.N.'s passing, the estate stayed in the Womble family  

until the late ’50s,

when it was bought by Herb and Thelma Poole. 

A half century later, Mac & Karen Pullen acquired the property,

and earnestly began renovations.

The finished product boasted 6 guest rooms,

each with a private bathroom, plus modern conveniences

like air conditioning, an expanded catering kitchen,

and an updated layout.

Today, the Rosemary House is owned by a young woman

who finds herself chasing the same dreams of L.N. Womble.

While she doesn't hold a pipe, she does hold festive gatherings

of friends and guests, loves to laugh, and just like in 1912,

you will likely hear clinking glasses if you are passing by.  

And if you do? Stop in and say hello... we'd love to meet you!

Or inquire to book your your wedding, your event,

or just a romantic getaway in this historic mansion,

now a Bed-and-Breakfast-style AirBB. 

book your stay

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