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Sorry, little blog, for the neglect.

I’ve been busy. Besides innkeeping, writing is my other job. My first mystery, Cold Feet, is going to be published in January, and editing, website, blog, tweeting, etc etc has consumed my thoughts. That’s what I’ve been working on. Visit my writerly website if you like! There’s links to online stories.

Chatham County is home to lots of writers.

Rosemary House hosts a regular writing workshop on Tuesday mornings led by the wonderful Marjorie Hudson. Her latest book, Accidental Birds of the Carolinas, has won many accolades including Honorable Mention for the Pen/Faulkner award. I can attest to her ability to inspire, having taken many of her workshops.

Next weekend, March 30-31, the B&B will provide space for a two-day workshop with Elizabeth Swann:Discover Poetry, Discover the World, Find Yourself. Beth too is an award-winning writer, and an MFA Graduate from Queens College in Charlotte.

I sometimes teach in the Creative Writing Program at Central Carolina Community College.  Each term, I nearly always also take a class. This spring it was  a class in the novel, taught by Judith Stanton. The instructors are published, experienced teachers. The best deal in the USA.

Is it the mild climate? The red soil? The low cost of living?  Whatever the reason, lots of writers live here.  My friend Ruth Moose is a fantastic short-story writer.  Her newest book, Neighbors, is a collection of small-town gems. Another good friend, Louise Hawes, has written dozens of books for children, young adults, and adults. She’s an inspiration, a true professional writer. Entrepreneurial Adrienne Ehlert-Bashista writes for children and adults, publishing her books through her Pittsboro micro-press.

Many of my writer friends are earlier in their writing career.  Greta James writes stories and blogs about, well, writing. Michele Berger‘s blog is the place to go for inspired posts on creativity.  Mystery writer Linda Johnson has e-pubbed two novels. Watch out for these up-and-coming authors.

We’re all experiencing the new publishing paradigm for writers.  E-readers replace paper, self-publishing displaces traditional publishing.  Change brings opportunity. It’s an exciting time to be a writer.

I’m sure we have many guests who are writers, and even more who love to read. Let’s talk about the written word the next time you visit Rosemary House!


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