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Once Upon a Time in Pittsboro

Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright

One of the most amazing places anywhere is right here in Pittsboro.

Carolina Tiger Rescue.

It's not a zoo,  it's not  a research facility or a tourist attraction.   It's a sanctuary for wildcats:  tigers,  caricals, servals, ocelots, and bobcats, as well as binturongs and kinkajous, which eat primarily fruit but also small mammals and invertebrates.  All seventy-two animals...
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Welcome, Woodworkers

Recently, certain people have been traveling great distances to attend woodworking classes in Pittsboro with Roy Underhill. These are people who like working with wood using hand tools, especially old hand tools. Roy teaches traditional woodworking at “The Woodwright’s School,” located a couple of blocks from Rosemary House on Hillsboro Street. He is, without question,...
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Ten Things About My Little North Carolina Town

Welcome to my blog! It's for visitors, tourists, newcomers, FOPs (Friends of Pittsboro), and guests at my B&B.  To begin, a few highlights:
  1. Pittsboro was established in 1787 as the seat of Chatham County Government.
  2. Its 1881 courthouse burned down last week but the Commissioners have already voted to rebuild.
  3. Hillsboro is the main north-south street, part of...
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