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Once Upon a Time in Pittsboro

Sweet Facts

Lately we've been buying and eating lots of sweet potatoes. If the sweet potato had a Facebook page, I would “like” it. Why? Easy. A sweet potato microwaves beautifully in about 4 minutes.  From dusty hard tuber to orange deliciousness almost instantly. Versatile. Sweet potato pie (I make mine with tofu instead of eggs and milk).  Sweet...
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Big Fun Giveaway

Big Fun Guide coverGot kids? Looking for something to do with them while visiting Pittsboro? I’m not going to tell you about the many activities and interesting places to see with kids. Instead, I’m going to GIVE AWAY* three (3!!) copies of a terrific book: The Big...
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Foot-Tappin’, Soul-Soothin’ Music

Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul, according to Plato. If you’re in the mood for soul enrichment, your choices are many in Chatham County. Three upcoming festivals: Hoppin’ John Old-Time & Bluegrass Fiddler’s Convention at Shakori Hills.  Traditional string music, square dance, dance lessons, banjo contest, hoppin’ john cook-off,...
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Some may think that running a B&B is about decorating a big old house, baking quiche and cleaning bathrooms, but those activities take second place in importance to dealing with people. A bed & breakfast is a people business, anticipating and meeting their needs. From taking the reservation, through mailing confirmation letters, setting up the room...
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Last week I spent a couple of days with my grandson in New York City.  We wandered around in awe, eyes wide open.  To paraphrase Dorothy, we weren’t in North Carolina any more. We went to Top of the Rock at dusk and watched the lights come on all over the city.  We swept through the...
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